Artist Statement

What I cannot create I do not understand…. only by designing and building living systems will we truly understand the principles underlying the functions of living cells.
— Richard Feynman, physicist, poet

Like a scientist, I seek to understand the awe-inspiring complexity of nature and the underlying forces that create it. The content of my work stems from a fascination with developmental biology and the paradox that living things can now embody synthetic elements. Because of current scientific research in synthetic biology, the very definition of life has become more elusive. I contemplate this paradigm shift by painting an imagined view of a “new natural.”

I see my ink paintings and collages as an experiment where I invent imagined substances, environments or living forms. I envision a space or body that is organic and otherworldly, expressing its laws of physics. Fungi and microscopic marine life inspire the imagery, as do geologic processes like branching and lava flow. Through physical gesture and the fluidity of the ink, I aim to create a frozen moment in the process of becoming. There is no logical reading of these paintings. They are a mirroring of our changing relationship with the natural world.    

-Laura Stack