Reading work by environmentalist and naturalist like Michael McCarthy feeds and inspires my painting practice. I Just finished McCarthy’s book “The Moth Snowstorm: Nature and Joy”. The Moth Snowstorm is a one-of-a-kind environmental work that combines memoir, anecdotes, and hard facts to make a case for preserving an ever-dwindling natural world.

Inspiring quotes from “The Moth Snowstorm”

The natural world can bring us peace; that the natural world can give us joy: these are the confirmations of what many people may instinctively feel but have not been able to articulate; that nature is not an extra, a luxury, but on the contrary is indispensable, part of our essence. And now that knowledge needs to be brought to nature’s defense.”

“The sudden passionate happiness which the natural world can occasionally trigger in us,” Michael McCarthy writes, “may well be the most serious business of all.” He is a naturalist and journalist, and this is his delightful and galvanizing call — that we can stop relying on the immobilizing language of statistics and take up our joy in the natural world as our civilizational defense of it. With a perspective equally infused by science, reportage, and poetry, he reminds us that the natural world is where we evolved, where we found our metaphors and similes, and it is the resting place for our psyches.”

- Michael McCarthy, environmentalist